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Speech-Language Pathologist

Christine completed her Masters in Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She has worked with a variety of populations through her practicums and work as a Behavioural Interventionist. Her practicum work included placements at the Child Development Centre at Prince George, Richmond Hospital and (of course!!) Advantage SLP.


Christine became interested in the field of Speech-Language Pathology after seeing the work of SLPs in an undergraduate course. Since then, she has worked with children with language delays, speech sound disorders, stuttering and social communication difficulties. She also has experience assessing and treating adults with dysphagia, aphasia, dysarthria and apraxia. Most of her experiences are with children but she enjoys working with both children and adults. Her current interests include language disorders, articulation impairments, social communication groups and accent reduction.


She believes in client centered care and meeting the clients where they are. She designs sessions to best support the client's needs but also makes it fun and something clients look forward to!


Christine was born in the Philippines and can speak Tagalog fluently. She also has some exposure to French and Spanish. She is also passionate about fashion, photography and traveling. 

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