Speech-Language Pathologist

Csaba has been working as a speech-language pathologist since 2003. He has worked primarily with the school-age population in a healthcare setting in the UK and in school settings or private clinics in Canada. He also has some experience with pre-school children. Following his clinical training and a few years of clinical experience in Europe, Csaba completed a PhD research course at University College London in Speech and Hearing Sciences. The focus of his research was speech perception in developmental language disorder (DLD), which is therefore his area of expertise along with speech perception and phonological development. Csaba has also provided therapy for children with social communication or pragmatic difficulties, language delays, cochlear implants and tongue-thrust swallowing patterns.

Csaba has found that children learn the best from adults with whom they connect well and when they are having fun, so he makes an effort to provide focused, but enjoyable sessions as appropriate for the children’s age.