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Speech-language pathology assistant

Grace is in her 4th and final year of her UBC degree, studying speech sciences, and she absolutely loves the field of Speech Language Pathology!  She has worked and volunteered in a variety of settings, from preschools to rehab hospitals, and is very keen to get started in the field. What inspired her to go into the career, was her sister who communicates using an AAC device, American Sign Language, and spoken English.  After seeing the positive impact of her sister’s SLP, Grace knew this was the field she wanted to be in.  


Grace has worked with individuals of all ages, and has specific experience working with AAC users, Autistic individuals, and d/Deaf and hard of hearing children who use American Sign Language.  She is currently doing a directed study at UBC where she is working to transcribe the Canadian Dictionary of ASL.


In Grace's free time, she tries to get outside as much as she can. She enjoys rock climbing, camping, and long walks along the beach, no matter the weather!

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