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Adult Services

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At Advantage Speech-Language Pathology,

we provide assessment and treatment services to adults with a wide variety of challenges. These include:

  • Acquired brain injuries, such as those caused by strokes or traumatic injuries

  • Progressive Neurological Conditions (e.g., Parkinson’s Disease)

  • Difficulties with voice production as experienced by high occupational voice users such as singers or teachers

  • Stuttering

  • Foreign Accent Reduction

  • Speech sound difficulties (e.g., persistent lisps)

  • Problems with swallowing

  • Communication challenges which interfere with academic or vocational success (e.g., reading and writing difficulties)

An individualized program will be set up to meet the needs of each client. Treatment is typically done on a one-to-one basis. Where appropriate, group treatment options may also be available (such as for stuttering treatment or foreign accent reduction).

Contact us now, to be paired with a licensed speech language pathologist!

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