Child/Youth Services

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The therapists at Advantage Speech-Language Pathology

provide services to children and youth who have many different communication difficulties. Areas of service include:

  • Articulation and speech sound production

  • Augmentative communication

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Hearing-related communication problems

  • Language delays

  • Learning disabilities, including challenges with reading and writing

  • Neurologically-based problems (such as Acquired Brain Injury or Cerebral Palsy)

  • Social/Pragmatic Language

  • Stuttering

  • Tongue thrust, or other feeding and swallowing challenges

  • Voice disorders

We will develop individualized programs to meet your child’s specific needs.

Our Services Include:


A speech-language screening may be conducted in order to get a basic understanding of your child’s communication skills and presenting concerns. At this time, the clinician will determine if a full assessment of speech and language skills is indicated.


Comprehensive speech and language evaluations may be conducted. The amount of time required for each evaluation will depend on the child’s:

  • Age
  • Attention and behavior
  • Speech and language concerns and needs
  • Previous speech-language pathology assessments and treatment
Our assessments include both formal and informal testing, as well as parent/guardian interviews. Visits to your child’s school, preschool, or daycare may also be done to provide the speech-language pathologist with a more detailed evaluation. For some evaluations (such as for articulation or stuttering), we will provide the results immediately following the assessment. For more complex evaluations, a separate meeting time with parents/guardians, and other professionals will be arranged.


The speech-language pathologists provide:

  • Individual speech language therapy
  • Small group-based services to address speech, language or social communication needs
Sessions vary in length according the age, behaviour/attention, and needs of the child. Therapy sessions often incorporate a variety of methods including: play-based treatment, table work (e.g., reading comprehension and written language), and multimedia approaches. We encourage parents, guardians, or other professionals to attend treatment whenever it is appropriate and does not interfere with the child’s ability to participate in the sessions.

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